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CNET Top 5 – DIY home security systems

The best home security solutions you can set up all on your own.

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17 Responses to “CNET Top 5 – DIY home security systems”

  1. pagamenews says:

    I tried a wireless security system in my home.  It didn't work!  The alarm kept going off for absolutely no reason.  I think there might have been too much interferance with the other gadgets running in my house.  I finally went with a DIY hardwired alarm system.  It works perfectly and I think I spent about $400 in total for a system with 3 massive sirens that would wake the neighbors a mile away.

  2. Alarm Reviews says:

    DIY security systems seem to be very popular and no reason not to be if you are comfortable as a user installing them.  As long as you go with someone who can service you Nationally (if you ever move) then it is a great option but majority still like to have it professionally installed.  At http://alarm-reviews.net you can see who we chose as the top 5 alarm systems and companies.

  3. Paul Novello says:

    monitoring of these systems is what provides security not cameras

  4. Alex Martinez says:

    Where is Fortress which in my opinion is the BEST Alarm system out there.

  5. Simone Johnson says:

    gosh if you cant afford to pay $20 a month for a security system monitoring fee you obviously have nothing worth stealing in your home.

  6. squishyroo says:

    top 5? and issues with them all

  7. EV GREER says:


  8. Carlos Morgan says:

    Alway is better without contract and monthly fees 

  9. Hafiz On Demand! says:

    and all the good ones are not available in other countries other than the most western ones -_- cunts

  10. Nguyen Thanh Telecom says:

    Top 5 – DIY home security systems do Cnet bình chọn !

  11. Deft Gear says:

    Does a fully automatic turret based on an arduino with a webcam and an ehernet shield counts as an DIY security system?

  12. Head Honcho says:

    all garbage

  13. Cristian Alexander says:

    I'll lean towards the Piper option 

  14. Willy Liberteen says:

    > Talks about DIY
    > None of the solutions are truly DIY

    nice title bait

  15. James Wallis says:

    Better alternative for free is to get an old android phone or iPhone and install IP Webcam onto it (Leave it on charge) , then you can watch the feed online wherever you've got internet connection.

  16. RememberI'mWatchingYouFap says:

    This isn't DIY; they're all pre-made commercial products…

  17. Vic Singh says:

    What about all the z wave product on the market?

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