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Stevens Institute of Technology Renowned Ocean Researchers Selected to Serve on Third New York City Panel on Climate Change

Stevens Institute of Technology researchers and ocean physicists Dr. Alan Blumberg and Dr. Philip Orton have been selected to join the Third New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC3) to advise New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the administration’s climate policy leadership on climate change projections and adaptation. The kickoff meeting for the panel was held today at New York City’s City Hall.

The New York City Panel on Climate Change is an independent body that advises the City on climate risks and resiliency. By providing the best available data, NPCC science informs the City’s comprehensive climate policies, including its multilayered, citywide resiliency plan and sweeping sustainability initiatives—in line with President Obama’s recent Executive Order.

The last NPCC report, Building the Knowledge Base for Climate Resiliency, released earlier this year, focused on increasing the current and future resiliency of communities, citywide systems, and infrastructure around New York City and the broader metropolitan region. NPCC3 will build on that report by examining climate risks through the lens of inequality at a neighborhood scale.

NPCC3 will also focus on ways to enhance coordination of mitigation and resiliency across the entire New York metropolitan region. The panel’s report is due early next year.

Both Blumberg and Orton were technical contributors to NPCC2 from 2013-2015. In an increased role Blumberg will provide subject matter expertise to help define the goals and develop plans for accomplishing the tasks set out in NPCC3’s scope of work.

“The New York City Panel on Climate Change represents the impact and growth that can be achieved when science and policy join together for the greater good and resilience of our communities,” said Blumberg. “Preparing for climate change in a city as large as New York will set a precedent for cities of comparable size, and those that are much smaller, to follow suit.”

“The direct impacts of climate change will take a major toll on New York City, as a coastal city” said Orton. “NPCC will provide information to enhance monitoring capabilities and to help plan the adaptations needed to minimize negative impacts.”

Blumberg is the George Meade Bond Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering in the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science at Stevens. He is also the Director of the Davidson Laboratory which has a focus on assessing, predicting and mitigating the damage of natural and man-made disasters. The Davidson Laboratory is one of the largest hydrodynamic and ocean engineering laboratories in the world and is reknown for its naval engineering tow tank facilities.

Orton previously served as a technical contributor to the New York City Special Initiative on Rebuilding and Resilience. He is joining the NPCC3 technical team to develop and test prototype climate change indicators, monitoring systems and mapping.

About Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology, The Innovation University®, is a premier, private research university situated in Hoboken, N.J. overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Founded in 1870, technological innovation has been the hallmark and legacy of Stevens’ education and research programs for more than 140 years. Within the university’s three schools and one college, more than 6,800 undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with more than 380 faculty members in an interdisciplinary, student-centric, entrepreneurial environment to advance the frontiers of science and leverage technology to confront global challenges. Stevens is home to three national research centers of excellence, as well as joint research programs focused on critical industries such as healthcare, energy, finance, defense, maritime security, STEM education and coastal sustainability. The university is consistently ranked among the nation’s elite for return on investment for students, career services programs and mid-career salaries of alumni. Stevens is in the midst of a 10-year strategic plan, The Future. Ours to Create., designed to further extend the Stevens legacy to create a forward-looking and far-reaching institution with global impact.

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IoT Flaw Discoveries Not Impactful–Yet

IoT Flaw Discoveries Not Impactful–Yet
Over the last few years, researchers have focused their efforts on flaws in devices like smart televisions, home automation systems connected to things like lights and door locks, and even medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps. While the …
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A taste of Chicago opening soon in Belleville
The wireless company is opening what it is calling a “smart store,” which will provide local consumers an opportunity to test phones, gaming, fitness and home security systems. The store at 9502 N. Illinois St. closed in March and temporarily relocated …
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American Home Alarms is Now Offering Complimentary Home Security Systems

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 27, 2015

A DT home alarm systems company American Home Alarms announces that it is now offering complimentary home security systems to area consumers. The offer only requires homeowners to pay $ 99 for installation and purchase the monitoring services for their new alarm system. Customers will receive the monitoring equipment for free, which is usually worth $ 850. Burglar alarms are recognized as one of the most effective ways for homeowners to reduce their chances of having intruders enter their property. Unfortunately, homeowners often fail to install alarm systems because of prohibitively high prices. The present offer eliminates this hurdle to achieving optimal security in the home.

Consumers who take advantage of the offer for a complimentary home burglar alarm system will enjoy several key features associated with ADT home alarms, including:

window decals
lawn signs
high-decibel sirens
infrared motion detectors
control panels
digital keypads

The control panel and keypad that comes with the ADT system ensures fast connections to appropriate local services in case of intrusion, fire or medical emergency. Because of battery backup, the control panel remains usable even if the power goes out. ADT pulse, an additional feature homeowners can choose from, offers remote access to the alarm system, including web and mobile access, alerts by email and text, and the ability to arm and disarm the system from afar.

As an ADT home security systems company, American Home Alarms offers a wide range of systems to security-minded homeowners. Professional installation is included with the systems offered by the company, ensuring that reliability remains high for peace of mind in the home. Access to ADT professionals is available 24 hours a day, increasing the protection homeowners get and supporting rapid dispatch of emergency services when necessary.

ADT home security company American Home Alarms is an authorized ADT dealer offering a wide selection of burglar alarm systems to California homeowners. With its affordable payment plans, modern equipment and qualified staff, the company is affordable, as well as responsive. American Home Alarms offers constant monitoring of its systems, maintaining a high level of home protection at all times of the day and all year long. The company also offers complimentary consultations for easing the process of shopping for a home alarm system. Visit http://www.gothomealarms.com for more information.

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Big Isle could gain four dispensaries by 2016

Big Isle could gain four dispensaries by 2016
Josh Green (D-Kona, Ka'u), the Health Committee chairman and the original Senate chair of the joint House-Senate conference committee that finalized the legislation, said he believes he and his colleagues came up with “a decent medical marijuana …
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Top Obama aides knew about Clinton's private email in 2009
But it's unclear whether the officials realized Clinton, now the leading Democratic presidential candidate, was running her email from a server located in her Chappaqua, New York, home — a potential security risk and violation of administration policy …
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​Want to sell medical marijuana in Hawaii? Know this first.
While the Hawaii State Department of Health is working on rules and regulations for its first dispensary system by January, interested parties should study House Bill 321 extensively when preparing an application, experts recommend. … marijuana …
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CoroNet Launches Industry-First Solution to Protect from Eavesdropping, Data Interception and Remote Manipulation of Devices on WiFi and Cellular Networks

Be’er Sheva, Israel (PRWEB) May 13, 2015

CoroNet, a cyber security software company, today formally announced the launch of its breakthrough new product that squarely addresses the fastest growing cyber threat worldwide. This growing security threat seeks to hijack or “commjack” the communication channel between any device and the WiFi network or cellular tower to which it is connected. CoroNet is the only software-based provider that detects and evades commjacking on any wireless network, in real-time, making any device resilient to eavesdropping, data interception and device manipulation.

Commjacking gives cyber attackers the ability to eavesdrop on or record conversations, intercept data transmissions to and from the device, and alter the data and messages or the device itself remotely. Cyber criminals can intercept all of someone’s data, such as emails, chats, passwords, browsing, personal information, etc.

Users who use public WiFi networks such as those at an airport or hotel, or cellular networks, have little to any protection against these new advanced threats. Industrial spies, elusive crime syndicates and hackers typically look to steal company IP, valuable business data such as contracts or pricing sheets, credentials and passwords.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones all have a high risk of being commjacked. The biggest threat, however, looms with the anticipated explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT). Everything from automobiles to thermostats to medical equipment to front door locks, are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks, as many lack appropriate security and privacy protections, making them the perfect unprotected back door into home and enterprise networks. According to IDC, 2.7 billion IoT devices will be in use by 2018.

Over the past 18 months, software that enables commjacking went open source, and cheap, commercial hardware became readily available, giving cyber attackers access to sophisticated technology previously available only within the governmental domain. The once oversized, multi-million dollar hardware is now the size of a toaster and costs between $ 30 and $ 1,500 dollars, with no training required, opening new backdoors for cyber criminals to exploit.

“Until now, cyber criminals, industrial spies and crime syndicates could readily commjack the crown jewels of an enterprise. CoroNet is the first and only software solution available for the enterprise that stops commjacking in its tracks,” stated Dror Liwer, Chief Security Officer of CoroNet. “Through the use of CoroNet’s breakthrough technology, carriers and MSSPs can protect enterprise customers by successfully and immediately plugging this backdoor that cyber criminals are rushing to exploit.”

CoroNet’s Industry-First Solution

Like submarine sonar, CoroNet employs proprietary “echoing” technology to map the network behavior around the protected device through more than 300 parameters collected on it. Applying advanced behavioral algorithms, CoroNet actively monitors radio networks near the device as well as the device itself. It seeks both recognized behavioral models and unknown anomalies, thus uncovering the presence of commjackers. CoroNet’s solution cloaks cellular or WiFi-enabled laptops, tablets, smartphones and IoT gadgets, making any device resilient to commjacking.

CoroNet’s solution includes:

An enterprise-grade, radio security platform comprised of a lightweight application that runs on Windows, iOS and Android ⎯ with no need to jailbreak or root the device, or as an SDK for IoT.
On the backend is a sophisticated, offline machine learning system that leverages data collected from devices, publicly available databases, as well as feeds from CoroNet’s own attack lab, which continuously generates variants and mutations of new attack vectors.
An enterprise-grade dashboard that enables CSOs to define key field behaviors, roles and responses. It also provides a real-time threat map that shows current risk levels by geography, device, or role.

Upon detection, there are two different modes that an organization can set. Most users will never know about a commjacking threat, because CoroNet discovers the commjacker and prevents the device from connecting to the malicious access point, instead automatically routing the user to a safe network. In Executive mode, CoroNet alerts the user of the presence of a commjacker and guides them what to do next, including providing alternative networks that the executive can use, each one graded by safety level.

CoroNet Detects and Evades Remote-Based Threats

While Wi-Fi and cellular networks require some degree of proximity to attack a local access point, remote attacks are also on the rise. Commjackers can now remotely take control over routers and cellular base stations, giving them the same level of access to voice and data traffic as if the cyber criminals were right next to the commjacking target. CoroNet also detects and evades against this type of remote-based commjacking.

Availability and Platform Support

Targeting the enterprise market through partnering with carriers, device manufacturers and managed security service providers (MSSPs), CoroNet is available immediately. CororNet can be installed on every device, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices. It works on iOS, Android, and Windows operating platforms. CoroNet has an SDK available for the IoT market.

About CoroNet

Based in Be’er Sheva, Israel, privately-held CoroNet detects and evades commjacking (eavesdropping, interception and manipulation on WiFi and cellular networks), making devices resilient to attackers. CoroNet’s suite of enterprise management tools enables CSOs and organizations to proactively detect threats, attacks and compromised devices in real-time, so they can protect company IP, sensitive data files, credentials, and employee personal data from cyber criminals and corporate spies. CoroNet’s founders are veterans of the security sector, Israeli defense industry and well-recognized researchers from academia. CoroNet is counting, amongst its shareholders, prominent backers, including Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Israel’s leading cyber security investors, with recent successes such as CyberArk and CyActive (recently acquired by PayPal) as well as prominent executives from the financial services industry.

Interested parties can obtain more information by visiting http://www.coro.net.

Editor’s Note: Artwork is Available upon Request

Press Contacts:

Carmen Hughes

Ignite Public Relations

C: +1.650.576.6444


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How Motor City Came Back From the Brink…and Left Most Detroiters Behind

How Motor City Came Back From the Brink…and Left Most Detroiters Behind
The heads of the Kresge and Ford Foundations—large philanthropies that have roots in Detroit's industrial past and continue to invest in the city—were there, as well as the CEO of the Henry Ford hospital system and the then-chair of Wayne State …
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Shared Security: A New Deal for the New Century
Nick Hanauer, who made his fortune as an early Amazon investor, and David Rolf, the head of an SEIU local that has successfully organized tens of thousands of home care workers, detailed their plan for Shared Security in Democracy Journal. The proposal …
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Childcare costs pinch working families
With her second child, staying home is not on the table; so she and Emory's father are scrambling to find an affordable childcare option. “I know how the system works,” says Moore. “I get that people bilk it, but it's frustrating for those of us who …
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Luxury Vermont Mountain Estate Being Offered To The Highest Bidder At Online Auction

Online Auction – East Dover, VT Luxury Estate – Bid Online Beginning July 13th

With the ever-changing real estate climate, being fluid is the best approach to selling a home. William McMichael decided that the best method for selling his 9,000+ square-foot luxury home in East Dover, VT is an online auction with Interluxe, an innovative new marketplace in the luxury real estate segment. The property, located at 75 Rice Hill Rd. East Dover, VT 05356 will go up for bid online beginning on Monday, July 13th at 11:00am at http://www.interluxe.com in partnership with Adam Palmiter of Palmiter Realty Group. This elegant mountain farmhouse estate is set upon the rolling Vermont countryside as one of the highest constructed homes in all of Vermont with 300-degree sweeping views of the surrounding landscapes. “I’ve been told by Realtors that my home has the nicest mountain views in the entire North East”, stated the owner, William McMichael. The home itself has quite the storied past. When the estate was first constructed, the original builder failed to get a permit and continued building the home. When authorities were notified, they decided to take legal measures to have the home torn down. It was a long multiyear court battle to ascertain the land use permit to maintain the home. “The stakes were high as the prior owner faced demolition of an existing property if he didn’t win the battle against the State. He won the battle and the perch gives the home sweeping vistas of 4 surrounding States and assures any new owners that they will own one of only a handful of homes in the entire state located above 2500 feet.” McMichael continued, “Perhaps using the unique history of my home, the State of Vermont imposed a law known as ACT 250.”

The grand six bedroom, five bathroom luxury home will be offered exclusively through online auction beginning Monday, July 13th. Previously listed at $ 1.99M, the starting bid of only $ 500,000 presents a remarkable opportunity for buyers. Set on 40+ acres of lush forest with 300-degree views of sunrises and sunsets and panoramic views of Mount Snow, Haystack, the Deerfield Valley, and the surrounding states. This home was rebuilt from the bottom up with a spectacular attention to detail and only the highest quality finishes throughout. Perfect for family life and entertaining or simply getting away, the estate offers an open concept dining, kitchen and living areas. Along with seven fireplaces to heat up those brisk Northeastern nights or a snowmobile garage to start your winter excursions, this is a property that one can only dream of. Along with the snowmobile garage, there is direct access to the VAST snowmobile trail and just a short jaunt to Mt. Snow, the Hermitage Club or Stratton. The home’s open floor plan includes natural custom woodwork throughout, a large family room, formal dining, office, theater, potential main level master suite ready to be finished, 3 car garage, full dry basement, beautiful landscaping, whole home generator, security system, and the list goes on. Truly for the perceptive buyer looking for proximity and privacy.

Unique properties such as this are what Interluxe is known for representing. Our marketplace features exceptional homes for retail sellers and agents looking to capture global retail buyer interest.” Stated Scott Kirk, President and Founder of Interluxe. “Our unique proposition for buyers is that they get everything they need upfront, clearly and immediately at a price they determine. It’s a win-win for everyone, which is why it’s no wonder more and more transactions are happening through our marketplace.

The auction will start promptly at 11:00 a.m. EDT on Monday, July 13, 2015. Previews are open daily beginning July 10th through the auction date, and showings by appointment. Buyers may schedule an appointment online or by calling (888) 415-5893. To register to bid, buyers may visit http://www.interluxe.com/12428.

Interluxe.com is the premier online luxury real estate marketplace where buyers, sellers, and their agents may convene in an open market forum to purchase and sell luxury properties valued in excess of $ 750,000 in destinations all over the world at auction online. Interluxe’s platform is the first to exclusively represent high end, non-distressed properties through an accelerated and customized marketing process that obtains fair market value for sellers in a 45-day timeframe. Since its launch at the end of 2013, Interluxe has helped buyers and sellers complete transactions throughout the United States and in Canada and has many more offerings coming online this summer in AZ, NC, SC, WI, and more destinations both domestic and abroad. For more information call (888) 415-LUXE (5893) or visit http://www.interluxe.com.

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The great ESX 2015 roundup

The great ESX 2015 roundup
Qolsys' Hackett, Alarm.com's Jeff Bedell, Honeywell's Gordon Hope and ADT's Paul Plofchan all noted that most people most trust security companies to monitor their home automation systems, so that's a prime opportunity. “The opportunity is to sell into …
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Can Ascent Capital Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASCMA) Surprise Analysts this Quarter?
The Company owns 100% interest of its operating subsidiary, Monitronics International Inc. (Monitronics). Monitronics is a home security alarm monitoring company. Monitronics provides monitored business and home security system services to more than …
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Can Ascent Capital Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASCMA) Keep Up with Analyst
The Company owns 100% interest of its operating subsidiary, Monitronics International Inc. (Monitronics). Monitronics is a home security alarm monitoring company. Monitronics provides monitored business and home security system services to more than …
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Windows Server 2003 End of Support is Here, Businesses Urged to Migrate Now

eMazzanti Technologies, a New York City area IT consultant and managed services provider, has posted information to help businesses migrate from Windows Server 2003 to meet the products July 14, 2015 end-of-support deadline, as reported in this June 29, 2015 WindowsITPro article.

The new website page includes simple steps IT managers can follow, a deadline countdown clock, and an informative Microsoft video that presents the advantages of upgrading to a newer operating system.

Click here to view the Windows Server 2003 EOS Help web page for assistance in planning to migrate current functionality to the cloud, Windows Server 2012 R2, or newer operating system.

After the July, 2015 deadline, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003 or provide patches and security updates. That creates potential security problems and immediate compliance issues for businesses.

“Upgrading from Windows Server 2003 requires the right planning and expertise to minimize the business disruption,” stated Carl Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “With the right approach, a company can also reduce ongoing IT maintenance costs, potentially saving more than the cost of the migration.”

The website includes helpful advice from Microsoft on how to proceed with a Windows Server 2003 migration, including this four-step process:

1.    Discover the workloads running on Windows Server 2003

2.    Assess which workloads need to be migrated

3.    Select the migration targets (new homes for each application and workload)

4.    Carry out the migration

Many organizations are uncertain about which applications they will migrate to new servers and which will be moved to the cloud when upgrading their operating system. Other considerations can make for a complicated migration. For example:

    Older hardware, particularly machines based on 32 bit technology, may not be compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2.

    Organizations may be able to consolidate existing applications on fewer servers by incorporating cloud services and virtualization.

    Microsoft applications, third-party applications and custom programs may require different approaches, so they need to be considered individually.

Users are encouraged to consider the relationships between their current applications and services, which servers and services can be retired, and to prioritize the remaining applications for migration.

Microsoft recommends that businesses start the process today by assessing their current Windows Server 2003 deployments. In today’s world of increasing IT security threats and compliance requirements, the risks from delaying the migration may be substantial.

Visit the Windows Server 2003 Migration Help web page.

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What you’ll Love about Windows Server 2012

About eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti’s team of trained, certified IT experts rapidly deliver cloud and mobile solutions, multi-site implementations, 24×7 outsourced network management, remote monitoring and support to increase productivity, data security and revenue growth for clients ranging from professional services firms to high-end global retailers.

eMazzanti has made the Inc. 5000 list five years running, is Microsoft’s Partner of the Year and Northeast Region Partner of the Year and a 5X WatchGuard Partner of the Year. Contact: Carl Mazzanti 201-360-4400 or emazzanti.net Twitter: @emazzanti Facebook: Facebook.com/emazzantitechnologies.

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Latest Home Security Systems Hawaii News

Tunisia chief: New security system had been set for July 1
(AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic). Tunisian police officers guard the Imperial Marhaba hotel during visit of top security officials of Britain, France, Germany and Belgium in Sousse, Tunisia, Monday, June 29, 2015. British Home Secretary Theresa May, French I..
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Corruption On The Border: Dismantling Misconduct In The Rio Grande Valley
He says the task force has five times the number of investigators than in years past, including Texas Rangers and agents of the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security. Since his office opened its doors last November, they've …
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Texas wants its gold back inside the state's borders
The holdings, stored at a New York bank, for some harken back to century-old fears about the security of currency not backed by shiny bullion. The Legislature's decision this summer to bring its gold cache home was hailed by many conservatives, and …
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